Can Employees Be Fired in Florida for Using CBD?

Get Fired in Florida for Using CBD

Employees using CBD products need to know the impact of CBD products on their jobs, especially if they are prone to drug tests in their professions. Understanding the effects of CBD use in Fort Lauderdale can help them make informed decisions while using CBDs.

What makes CBD different from the raw Cannabis sativa is the level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The recommended THC level medically is 0.3%. Cannabinoids contain the recommended THC level and cannot trigger the euphoric feeling associated with raw marijuana.

Isn’t CBD Legal?

Yes, as of 2014, it is legal. The Marijuana Justice Act of 2018 (or H.R.4815) removed marijuana from the schedule 1 list and eliminated criminal penalties for certain individuals. This 2018 farm bill legalized CBD in all 50 states, but the laws vary from state to state. As of 2022, CBD oil is completely legal in 9 states, while it is conditionally legal in 41 states and Los Angeles, CA.

Can A Job Fire You For Using CBDs In Florida?

Yes. Florida is still under federal law making the use of marijuana in Fort Lauderdale illegal. Employers can fire their employees for using CBDs because they might not be able to differentiate between CBD and marijuana. Fortunately, some acts explicitly protect CBD users from job termination. You have to prove you are using CBDs and not marijuana to protect your job. 

Workplace policies give employers an upper hand when terminating employees’ contracts. Therefore, it is justified to conclude that CBDs are not approved for medical use in all work environments. No law protects users, especially those with CBD cards, from their employers and work policies.

Common CBD-related Scenarios

You can find yourself in trouble using CBDs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The following scenarios depict the lawful use of CBDs and the way innocent employees might find themselves in trouble for using CBDs:

Typical and Lawful Use of CBD

CBDs contain 0.3% THC. This is the recommended THC level for medicinal purposes. CBDs cannot cause the impairing effect associated with unprocessed marijuana. You can take a CBD product, which is usually 120-160 milligrams per day. 

If you maintain that level, the normal screening methods might not detect the drug, saving you. Unless you disclose you are using CBD products, you can continue using them and pass the test.

The Innocent Employee

THC level for CBD remains at a level of 0.3%, and prolonged CBD use can cause a significant rise in THC levels in the body above the prescribed medicinal level. In such instances, the innocent employee might fail the drug test if the employer conducts a drug test. This might place you in a difficult position with your employer. 

Employee Testing Positive for THC after CBD Use

THC for CBDs is 0.3%, which can increase in your body if you use CBDs in the long term. It might rise to an unsustainable level such that when your employer conducts a drug test, you are likely to test positive. This might put you at risk of job termination. 

Find the Best CBD Products in Florida

CBDs are legal in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Using certified CBD products can save you a lot o-f trouble with your employer. Nature’s Green House is your perfect CBD consultant in Fort Lauderdale as it offers high-quality CBD products and works with the top companies to make sure the products are thoroughly tested. 

Have Questions About Fired for Using CBD?

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