Medical Marijuana Patient Process

After you have your medical marijuana evaluation, and the doctor determines you qualify for your medical card, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable with the next steps. Our staff can talk to you about the best dispensaries in Fort Lauderdale, how much medical marijuana you can buy at one time, and anything else you want to know. A medical dispensary in Florida is officially called a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC).

MMJ Card & Resources

We can even answer questions about the different types of medical marijuana products in Florida, so you know what to look for. You’ll know exactly how to find an MMTC and shop at it. Stay in touch with us to let us know how your experience is going, and this will also make it easier when it comes time to renew your MMJ card in Florida.

When you do visit an MMTC to make a purchase, you won’t be able to purchase any amount that exceeds your 70-day allotment. We can explain to you how different products count against your allotment, and the MMTC will be able to help with that as well. If you ever feel that your allotment is too low, reach out to your medical marijuana doctor or their staff.

Get MMJ Card Certification in Fort Lauderdale

To get a medical evaluation and find out if you meet the eligibility requirements for a Florida medical marijuana card, contact us at Nature’s Green House in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Nature’s Green House is a top local choice for medical evaluations and receiving a medical marijuana card certification in the state. Contact us today online or call at (945) 533-0745, to get started in the MMJ card patient process.

Our staff can answer any questions or concerns you have and make an appointment with the doctor you need to find out if you qualify for medical marijuana card in Florida.