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People have loved CBD hemp flower for thousands of years already, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. Purchasing your hemp in this manner connects you to a long history of others who have loaded this flower into pipes or rolled it into hemp cigarettes.

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The Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flower

While there are numerous ways you can use hemp, smoking continues to be a favorable choice among CBD lovers. It’s easy to see why, as there are many perks to appreciate.

An Experience for All Five Senses

Unlike other methods, smoking a CBD product offers something for each of your senses:
  • Sight: Smoking hemp provides a lovely visual element. Many people enjoy watching the slow, steady stream of smoke as it trails off of a pipe or cigarette.
  • Taste: There are numerous varieties of hemp flower to enjoy and smoking allows you to appreciate the unique taste of each plant and blend.
  • Smell: The aroma of hemp flower can be relaxing and inviting. Your sense of smell is also strongly connected to memory, so the fragrance can take you back to previous experiences where you’ve enjoyed the calming effects of CBD.
  • Touch: For some people, the simple act of rolling a cigarette or holding a pipe is a soothing experience. The slow, repetitive motion of smoking can also help provide an additional sense of calm while helping to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Sound: Though they may be simple, the sounds of your breath can help you unwind and relax. Also, smoking is an activity that you can savor while listening to music, conversing with others, or simply sitting in silence.
From start to finish, smoking hemp can be a truly immersive experience.

A Shorter Wait to Feel the Effects

Unlike using edibles and topicals, smoking a CBD cigarette or pipe allows you to experience the effects of CBD almost instantly. There’s no waiting for your body to process it through digestion or absorption.

A Better Alternative to Tobacco

If you enjoy smoking but don’t want to expose your body to harmful, addictive, and chemically ridden tobacco, CBD cigarettes from Nature’s Green House are an excellent alternative. Our products are tobacco-free.

CBD Cigarettes or CBD Hemp Flower: Which One Is Right for You?

If you prefer to use a pipe or roll your own cigarettes, our CBD hemp flower helps you craft the perfect personalized experience every time you smoke. However, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, CBD cigarettes may be the better option for you.

CBD Hemp Flower from Nature’s Green House

Hemp flower is the bud of the hemp plant and contains a high concentration of CBD, a powerful yet natural compound that is relaxing and non-addictive. Many find that CBD can help with:
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
Our high-quality CBD hemp flower allows you to use a pipe or roll your own cigarettes for a customizable smoking experience.

Things to Consider Before Smoking CBD Flower

While there are no harmful chemicals or additives in Nature’s Green House products, those with preexisting breathing conditions, such as asthma, could experience symptoms from any type of smoking. Also, smoking hemp flower isn’t possible in all locations, especially if you’re in a public place where smoking is prohibited. Consider your setting and be sure to talk to a physician to make sure you’re a good candidate for this practice.

Other CBD Options

If smoking CBD doesn’t work for you, you can still experience the benefits of CBD in other ways. At Nature’s Green House, we offer a variety of options so you can enjoy CBD in a form that works best for you. Be sure to try our: Many clients enjoy sampling a variety of methods so they can experience the relaxation and relief of CBD in different ways.

Have Questions About CBD Flower?

Experience the purest form of natural wellness with our premium hemp buds, cannabidiol flower, and CBD nugs. Our products are carefully selected and grown with the highest quality standards to ensure that you receive the best possible experience. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, improve sleep, or manage pain, our products can help. Order now and experience the power of nature!

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Are you new to CBD and wondering if this product is right for you? Maybe you’re looking for a new quality CBD product in the Fort Lauderdale area. Nature’s Green House offers the best in CBD cigarettes, hemp flower, and more.
"My husband is able to continue healing from years of suffering with his PTSD . My family and I are truly grateful."
Jen C.

You can read more helpful reviews here.

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When it comes to shopping for smokable CBD products in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, quality and content matter. Our Natural CBD brand premium hemp flower and cigarettes are completely tobacco-free, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Call Nature’s Green House today at 954-533-0745 or submit an online form for more information or questions.

CBD Flower: Frequently-Asked Questions

Whether you’re a seasoned CBD consumer, or just beginning your CBD journey, there’s always something new to learn. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CBD flower. If you have a question that’s not addressed here, connect with our team for more information!

Like all forms of CBD, CBD flower is the subject of extensive research designed to help us better understand how it may serve various needs and goals. 

Right now, a handful of completed scientific studies are highlighting CBD’s potential health benefits, including as a method for relieving anxietychronic paininflammation, and drug addiction. And now that CBD has gone mainstream, you can definitely expect to see more research on the topic.

At Nature’s Greenhouse, we have heard countless stories about the ways in which CBD flower has contributed to the overall well-being of our patients. We’re passionate about CBD, and so are our patients – here are just some of the ways patients have reported using CBD for their personal goals:

  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety/stress
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea

Both cannabis and hemp CBD flower come in an array of strains, each one with its own unique characteristics. Depending on your specific preferences, you may find that certain strains are better suited for you – and our dispensary team is always here to help you weigh your options.

  • Hemp flower is a CBD-rich option that contains little to no measurable THC content. If you prefer an experience without the traditional “high” of marijuana, CBD hemp flower could be a great fit.
  • Cannabis CBD flower contains varying ratios of CBD and THC, so you can generally expect a certain level of intoxicating effects. 

Flower gives you the flexibility to enjoy it in a few different ways, so feel free to experiment and find the method that you like the most. Some of our patients opt to roll flower into CBD cigarettes, while others pair CBD flower with a pipe or dry herb vaporizer.

Like any CBD product, flower doesn’t come in a single “best” option. Instead, you’ll need to find something that fits your desired experience, goals, and personal preferences. 

There are a few factors to consider when you’re shopping our CBD flower for sale in Fort Lauderdale, including:

  • What are your goals (i.e., relaxation, pain relief, etc.)?
  • What is your experience level (are you a novice or a longtime CBD consumer)?
  • Do you have any flavor preferences?
  • When do you plan to enjoy your CBD flower (morning, afternoon, night)?

One of the biggest benefits of coming to our Ft. Lauderdale medical marijuana dispensary is having access to the expertise of our knowledgeable, friendly team. We can help you browse options that fit your specifications, and even offer suggestions if you’re unsure where to begin.

Understandably, many people want to know more about the safety of CBD. According to the World Health Organization, CBD has shown no signs of being addictive, and they have found it to have no potential for abuse. This is good news for CBD advocates, especially those who are working towards widespread CBD education.

If you’re new to CBD, it’s always a good idea to check in with your doctor before trying it for the first time. That way, you can rule out any possibility of an interaction with current conditions or medications.

There are so many different strains and options when it comes to CBD flower, so putting an exact dollar amount on the average cost of CBD flower isn’t easy. Prices can vary depending on the strain, quality, industry demand, and even the dispensary, but CBD flower will typically be less expensive than high-THC flower. 

At Nature’s Greenhouse, we offer a well-rounded variety of CBD flower for sale in Fort Lauderdale, so you can browse options at just about every price point. If budget is one of your top priorities, you can find some affordable options that don’t require you to sacrifice quality.

Yes! CBD flower is legal for purchase, possession, and consumption – but CBD regulations often make it difficult to understand exactly what you can and cannot purchase.

In simplest terms, CBD hemp flower that contains less than 0.3% THC falls into a category that has been established as federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Each state has its own specific regulations, but hemp-derived CBD is legal in Florida.

Also, FL medical marijuana patients can legally access CBD flower that contains THC as well (when purchased from a licensed dispensary like Nature’s Greenhouse).

Under FL medical marijuana laws, every individual shopping at Nature’s Greenhouse must be in possession of a valid FL MMJ card. This means that if you’re interested in purchasing CBD flower, you’ll need to bring your card to our medical marijuana dispensary in Fort Lauderdale. 

If you want to know how to get a medical marijuana card in FL, our team will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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