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Our pets are part of the family, and we share just about everything with them. People who appreciate CBD products have also found that their pets may like it too, and it’s becoming more common recently for people to give their cats and dogs CBD. There are lots of different reasons people report buying CBD for pets, and there are enough products to satisfy even some of the pickiest pets.

Have Questions About CBD for Pets?

Give your furry friend the gift of natural wellness with our pet CBD products. Made with high-quality hemp extract and cannabidiol, our products are specifically formulated to promote your pet’s health and wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to reduce anxiety, manage pain, or improve your pet’s overall quality of life, our products can help. Order now and discover the amazing benefits of hemp extract for pets!

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Our CBD pet treats have been designed to taste good to pets, which means you shouldn’t have much trouble convincing your furry friend to cooperate. People report that they buy CBD pet treats for their dogs or cats who are having trouble eating, experiencing soreness as a result of aging, or are overly anxious.

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Can I Give My Pet CBD?

Some people ask us if it even makes sense to give CBD to pets, and the answer is yes. Like humans, your cat or dog has an endocannabinoid system. That means your CBD pet treats can bind with cannabinoid receptors in your pet’s body. They actually process cannabinoids similarly to the way that you do, and they’re able to process it through the digestive system as humans can.

How Does CBD Help Pets?

Like with people, every pet may have a different experience of CBD. Our customers have reported that they give their pets CBD for a wide variety of reasons including the following:

  • Mood – This is one of the most common reasons people buy CBD for their pets. Pet owners often turn to CBD when their cat won’t come out from under the couch or when their dog is anxious or aggressive. They often administer it before leaving their pet or before people come over.
  • Joint Discomfort – Aging can be hard on pets just like it’s difficult for some people. Pets can develop joint discomfort that makes their daily lives less fun than they used to be. As a result, CBD dog treats and CBD for cats appeal to a lot of people who have noticed that their furry friends just aren’t moving like they used to.
  • General Discomfort – While anti-inflammatory properties from CBD are often associated with joint discomfort, a pet’s discomfort doesn’t have to be limited to the joints for you to consider CBD. Many pet owners get CBD to promote a general sense of wellness.
  • Seizures – One of the best uses of CBD is related to seizures. People who have seizures regularly consume cannabidiol with promising results, and the same practice can be applied to your pet.

Best CBD for Dogs and Cats

The CBD industry isn’t always well regulated, so it’s important to buy products from a trustworthy vendor. Look for products that have been lab-tested and are clearly labeled. Once you’ve established a good source for CBD dog treats or CBD cat treats, look into different serving sizes based on the weight of your pet. This will help you ensure that you’re getting just the right amount for your needs.

How to Get Your Pet to Take CBD

The best kind of CBD for pets is the type your pet will actually eat. To that end, we recommend buying CBD dog treats that have been specially created to taste good for dogs. If your pet still isn’t excited about their new cannabidiol routine, you can always try mixing it in with some food to make it more appealing for them.

Buy CBD for Cats and Dogs at Nature’s Green House

At Nature’s Green House, we’re firm believers in CBD. We’re also pet people, and we want to provide dogs and cats with the best lives we possibly can. We work hard to supply CBD pet treats your pets will love, and we’re confident you can find something in our Fort Lauderdale CBD store. If you have questions or concerns please contact us at 954-533-0745.

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