Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: What’s The Difference?

Nature's Green House explains the differences between hemp and CBD oils they offer while a specialist uses a dropper to fill a tincture bottle

Not all CBD is created equal. The conversation about CBD as far as hemp vs. cannabis oil is a maze of disinformation and confusion.

At Nature’s Green House care about keeping our patients informed about all things MMJ in the Fort Lauderdale area. We are well-known for our high-quality cannabis knowledge and our friendly staff. We will break down the difference between hemp and cannabis and how they make CBD oil to keep you mellow and at ease. The best part is, it isn’t as confusing as you think it is, and you will be stopping into our stores with a much better understanding in no time.

Difference between Cannabis and Hemp

The first order of business is to explain the difference between hemp and cannabis. Both have distinct characteristics, both biologically and legally.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a flower that grows primarily as a sativa or indica, sometimes hybrid. Hemp and cannabis are both under the sativa umbrella, but cannabis also includes indica and hybrid. Cannabis is harvested and engineered for its psychotropic and hallucinogenic properties. The amount of THC (around a dry weight of 30%) constitutes the federal government to assign marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act. They see no medical use for cannabis, even though states pass legislation to legalize medical and recreational marijuana.

What is Hemp?

There are thousands of uses for hemp, and hemp dates back centuries in farming and other uses. Hemp averages a THC value of 0.3% on average, as some countries grow it at 0.2% or otherwise. Hemp is commercially harvested for its seeds, stalks, and flowers. You can’t get “high” from smoking hemp, and we don’t recommend it. However, it does have a high CBD value, which is why many oils are made of hemp.

Hemp is used for many different purposes, including food, cosmetics, lotions, clothing, and 25,000 more functions. Hemp is not recognized as a Schedule 1 substance due to its minimal THC content. Hemp requires minimal care and can adapt to most climates, making it a sustainable plant to grow and harvest.

The Difference between Hemp Oil vs CBD oil

CBD is found in both cannabis and hemp, so CBD isn’t different between low- or high-THC plants. The biggest difference between hemp and cannabis is the THC/cannabinoid content.

Cannabis-derived CBD has all the CBD of a typical oil but contains anywhere from 5 to 30% THC. The THC content can cause the patient to feel a psychotropic high, but because the CBD is also high, it levels out the effects. It can also offer some anti-analgesic properties that some patients report. Cannabis oil also has cooperation between the cannabinoids and terpenes that cause an “entourage effect.” This is why cannabis-derived oil can have a wider variety of possible effects. Cannabis-derived CBD oil can only be found in legal dispensaries due to its Schedule 1 status.

Hemp-derived CBD has a legally low 0.3% THC but still offers the benefits of CBD. You’ll most likely feel relaxed, more alert, and have a higher sense of well-being.

Full-spectrum hemp CBD oil is considered a dietary supplement that stimulates the endocannabinoid system and can enhance the quality of life.

Which One is Best Then?

We won’t say there is a best. There is just the best one for you. Using what you learned, think about if you prefer a low-THC or high-CBD option. There are many brands of both, and CBD oil is celebrated for its mellowing and calming effects.

CBD Oil Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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