Understanding the Difference Between Distillate and RSO


Nowadays, there are numerous ways one can enjoy medicinal cannabis. The decreasing stigma on marijuana use has enabled it to rise in popularity, where growers and manufacturers have made significant advancements in the growing and processing of marijuana. The innovations have allowed the production of most products in many legalized companies and dispensaries across legalized states like Florida.

It’s no surprise that many have questions about products like Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and distillate. With so many products hitting the shelves across the industry, it has become hard to tell the difference between them. This article will look at the difference between the two products; keep reading to learn more about RSO and cannabis distillates.

What is a Distillate?

Cannabis distillate is one of the most concentrated, pure cannabis products that contains only the THC and CBD molecules. Because cannabis has hundreds of compounds like flavonoids, cannabinoids, and different essential oils in its resin, the distillate process involves the extraction of these highly refined compounds containing pure and potent form cannabinoids. Distillates usually have up to 98% cannabinoids making them more powerful than other extracts. Because distillation removes terpene compounds, the distillates lose their therapeutic capabilities.

Understanding the Difference Between THC and CBD Distillates

THC and CBD are available as distillates, but their purpose differentiates them. Consumers mainly use the THC distillate for psychoactive effects while using CBD for wellness advantages like relieving pain symptoms and relaxation. 

How are Distillates Used?

Most often, distillates are consumed with a dab rig or vaporizer, and are also available in vape cartridges for easy versatility. These methods deliver the distillate effects very quickly. Additionally, since many distillates have mild flavor because of their production process, distillates can be added to cannabis flower for stronger effects.

What is RSO?

RSO is a high-THC oil to consume orally or topically, depending on your preferences and desired effects. Due to the massive THC content of RSO, it is highly recommended to those with THC tolerance and require a high THC content. RSO is a dark, gooey oil with a tar-like consistency. It comes packed in syringes for more accessible application and oral consumption and allows for easy storage.

How is RSO Created?

Creating RSO oil enables the final product to retain all the compounds of the cannabis plant, such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. The oil is made using solvent, mostly grain alcohol, or other solvents like Ethanol, CO2, or butane. The process involves mixing cannabis buds with the solvent (alcohol) in a large container. Then the mixture is crushed and stirred until they are well combined. The alcohol is drained, and heat the container to remove any remaining traces of the solvent. The process leaves a dark oil-like tar having a high concentration of THC.

How is RSO Used?

RSO cannot be vaporized due to natural fats, lipids, and chlorophyll present in plants. The product can be consumed sublingually, ingested orally, or applied topically for skin absorption. When using this highly potent oil, manufacturers recommend using dosage guides issued by manufacturers. It allows you to see the dose that suits your medicinal needs. Also, the oil can be infused as a base in cooking, though it needs the use of intense flavors to mask its taste in food.

Is RSO Oil the Same as Distillate?

Though they possess similar aspects, RSO oil is not the same as distillate. The components of the final product are what differentiate the two oils. RSO extraction allows it to maintain all the elements present in the cannabis plant, like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Distillate oil extraction removes all the parts of the marijuana plant, leaving only the primary cannabinoid, THC, and CBD.

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RSO and distillate deliver high concentrations of THC to the user. The two oils are popular options for marijuana users located in Florida seeking to enjoy their cannabis with high potency and versatility. Get your Florida medical card today for patients seeking to use it for medicinal purposes. For other questions about RSO vs. Distillate use, contact us.

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