Top 5 Dispensaries We Recommend in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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When you want to get the best medical marijuana in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll have to shop at the best dispensaries. With so many different options in this part of Florida, medical marijuana patients often need to do a little bit of research to decide on their favorite dispensary. The good news is that you can receive a personalized recommendation from your medical marijuana doctor when they get you certified. 

Here are five of the best dispensaries in Fort Lauderdale that we at Nature’s Greenhouse recommend, and what you need to do to access them.

Top Five Dispensaries in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Keep in mind that none of these options will be right for everyone. This is only intended to help you start your search until you learn which dispensary is the best fit for your medical marijuana needs. You’ll need to get a card before you can visit a dispensary in Florida anyway, so the patient care staff can certainly talk to you about the different dispensaries near you. Ask us for a personalized recommendation when you visit with your medical marijuana doctor in Fort Lauderdale.

1. Trulieve Fort Lauderdale, FL

Located in the Broadview Park neighborhood, this Trulieve location receives high ratings on both Google and Weedmaps. Once you visit, you’ll see why. Trulieve’s stated mission is to bring medical marijuana patients excellent products, fair prices, and superior customer service. They have numerous dispensaries in Florida, and the experience helps this brand streamline their operations. There’s even another Trulieve location that also makes this list.

2. Columbia Care Dispensary Stuart

For those who live north of Fort Lauderdale, Columbia Care Dispensary in Stuart is a good option. This dispensary has been known to give very generous discounts for first-time patients, and the reduced price definitely helps make it worth trying. Columbia Care has a lot of experience in manufacturing and producing medical marijuana products. They’re focused on providing ethical, empathetic service for medical marijuana patients.

3. RISE Dispensaries West Palm Beach

If you don’t want to go all the way to Stuart, RISE in West Palm Beach is another good dispensary north of Fort Lauderdale. Their products are tested rigorously to ensure a high level of quality, and RISE Cannabis is also known for offering good deals. Customer reviews often mention how knowledgeable and friendly the employees are at this location.

4. Trulieve Dania Beach

Trulieve runs great cannabis dispensaries, and this one is conveniently located for people on the southern side of Fort Lauderdale. Just like this company’s other dispensary in Fort Lauderdale, this one receives a lot of positive customer reviews. This is a good place to shop when you want a large selection and attentive service. Patients visit from all over Broward County

5. MÜV Dispensary Deerfield Beach

Like some other locations on this list, MÜV may provide discounts for first-time patients. They also have a wide variety of products and friendly employees who can help you navigate your choices. Satisfied customers from this location have reported that this location is worth a look when you want to find the dispensary with the best concentrates in Fort Lauderdale. 

How to Get Certified for Medical Marijuana in Florida

To get certified for your medical marijuana card, you need to start by visiting a clinic. When you connect with a medical marijuana doctor in Fort Lauderdale, they’ll be able to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Only board-certified doctors with appropriate licensing are authorized to give you a recommendation, so make sure you’re working with a trustworthy organization. 

The good news is that this process can actually be surprisingly simple. Your marijuana doctor in Fort Lauderdale should be able to help make certification and registration quick and convenient by offering a streamlined process. You can generally expect this to happen in three distinct steps.

Step 1 – Evaluation

First, you’ll need to be evaluated by a doctor to see if you qualify for medical marijuana in Florida. In addition to board certification, this doctor has to be certified by the Florida Department of Health after passing additional training classes. Once you identify the right doctor at a clinic near you, it’s time to prepare for the evaluation. 

Make sure the clinic is conveniently located since the evaluation will happen in person. If your medical condition makes it difficult for you to leave your home, the doctor may be able to visit you. In most cases, though, you’ll be visiting a clinic. Make sure you have all the relevant documentation so the doctor can consider your medical history. If the doctor decides that you’re a good candidate for medical marijuana, you’ll proceed to fill out some forms.

Step 2 – Recommendation

At this stage, your medical marijuana doctor will make a recommendation on your behalf. If you’ve ever received a prescription from a medical professional before, this process may feel somewhat familiar to you. The doctor will sign for your eligibility to receive medical marijuana based on standards set out by the Florida Department of Health. Now you’re almost ready for your first visit to a dispensary.

At this point, you’re well on your way, and it’s extremely likely that you’ll receive your medical marijuana card in Florida. In other words, it’s a good time to learn more about all of the latest information about medical marijuana in Florida. Your MMJ doctor and their staff can answer your questions and tell you everything you need to know. 

Most patients have questions like the following:

  • Where can I have medical marijuana in Florida?
  • What are the best dispensaries around Fort Lauderdale?
  • Which MMJ products are the best fit for me?
  • How much medical marijuana can you buy at one time in Florida?

Step 3 – Florida Medical Marijuana Registration

The last step is to use your recommendation to register with the Florida Department of Health. Your medical marijuana doctor and their staff should be able to help you with this step so you can get registered quickly and successfully. After everything goes through, you’ll be certified to buy medical marijuana in Florida. 

Do keep in mind that you will have to recertify every 210 days, so make a plan to stay in touch with the clinic. When the time comes, they’ll make it a lot easier for you to renew your Florida medical marijuana registration. This is important because letting your medical card lapse could interrupt your access to all of the dispensaries in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the rest of the state.

Medical Marijuana Fort Lauderdale, FL

Many people already think of Nature’s Greenhouse as the best place to get CBD in Fort Lauderdale. While it’s true that we have a wide assortment of CBD products from edibles to concentrates and even pet products, that isn’t all we do. We also provide MMJ doctor services to help people get their Florida medical marijuana cards and learn more about the options available. Schedule your appointment today, and our doctor will determine if you’re eligible for a medical marijuana card in the state of Florida.